Chuck Leaver is an experienced entrepreneur

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Chuck Leaver is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman who has been able to work in the high tech industry for more than three decades. Chuck Leaver has worked at a number of different levels of management, in different positions, across a number of companies. Chuck Leaver has years of experience to lean upon when he comes into contact with any issue. Currently, he is the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, of a company called Ziften. He has previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of this company, too. Ziften is a company that provides high quality software solutions to their clients in order to meet their unique needs. The key to Ziften’s success has been integrity, innovation, and consistency. Chuck Leaver has been instrumental to Ziften’s embracing of these values.

Chuck Leaver was involved in the business world long before he set foot at Ziften and joined the leadership team there. He previously worked as a partner with a venture capital firm that was based out of Austin, Texas. The firm is called Trellis Partners and Chuck Leaver brought his leadership skills and business experience to the table. Chuck Leaver had more than three decades of senior leadership experience that today help him to make his decisions in terms of business. During his career, he has worked in a number of senior executive and advisory roles in various businesses. He has worked in a number of different fields, including high tech, mobile, and media.

Chuck Leaver’s first experience in high tech was in 1982. He has since that time had a track record of success in the business world. He began working at a company called DA/EE as an entry level employee. However, after working hard to work his way through the company, he eventually broke into leadership and eventually became the Chief Executive Officer of DA/EE.

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